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Newsletter Topics: How To Toot Your Horn To Their Tune

Newsletters should be all about your customers, not your company; I’ve stressed this in the first two installments of this Newsletter Topics series. In the first article, I mentioned the large corporation that hired this copywriter to create their newsletter but didn’t know what topics to put in it. So I shared with you what I suggested to them: how you can help your customers through your newsletter topics. In the second article, I discussed how you can use specific topics to help your customers and your business.

Newsletter Topics: How To Help Your Customers And Your Business

With the newsletter back in vogue, small businesses and large corporations are looking for the most effective way to use this marketing tool to connect with their customers.

Newsletter Topics: How To Be Helpful

Finally. Companies big and small are coming back around to the newsletter. Just recently, a national corporation who, due to an NDA, shall remain nameless, hired this copywriter to write their quarterly West Coast newsletter. It was their first in five years and although they knew a newsletter was a handy tool for building customers and community (see my blog post about that here), they were a bit stumped about what to put in it. “What are we going to fill it with?” they asked.

Press Release Series: Print vs. Online

As the digital age continues to surpass our wildest dreams, shuttling information across the globe in lightning time, the question seems to come up again and again: is print media still alive?

And when it comes to press releases, is online media really better than old-fashioned print?

Turn That One-Time Customer Into A Loyal One

Imagine you’re walking down the street and someone you’ve never met before asks you for a job. You’d probably immediately scan the sidewalk for a police officer. But now imagine the same street and the same person, but you know her. You also know what she does for a living. And in seeing her, you realize that you not only know her, you could use her services right now. So, instead of her accosting you, you try to keep your cool as you grab her lapel and beg her to work for you. And then you both work happily ever after.

A Copywriter Gives Thanks

As we prepare to carve up the bird and dole out the mashed potatoes, I wanted to take a moment to thank those that have made my business what it is.  So if you can wait just two more minutes before you dig into your cranberry sauce, please indulge me.

How To Make Sure Your Fourth Quarter Is A Success

There’s no way around it now, folks; the fourth quarter is upon us.  If you didn’t take the time in August to make sure all your marketing ducks were in a row, now’s the time to wrangle ’em up.  Here are just a few suggestions about what to focus on.

Is Print Marketing Obsolete?

There’s been a recent flurry of debate among marketers about the viability of print in an age when it’s just as easy to reach customers electronically. My clients have approached me with this question as well and my answer is consistent: just because one method is easier, doesn’t mean it should be the only method you use. Whether you’re a small businesses or an international corporation, your goal is to reach your target base in the most efficient and effective way possible. With numerous marketing venues available to you, I think it’s imperative that you consider all your options.

How To Create A Website That Grips And Sticks

I recently had a mid-sized business hire me to write their quarterly external newsletter, which they were hoping would create a stronger client bond.  Part of my research to get to know them better was to review their website.  Pretty standard process. But when I typed in their URL, I was appalled by what I saw.

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