Inspire customer loyalty.

Priority Project.

You know what you need right now and only have the budget for that one item. Perfect. Whether it’s a website, press release, brochure, product description or other marketing material, I’ll get you the clear, engaging, effective copy you need.

Priced per project.

The Copy Face Lift.

You don’t need any new marketing materials, but your current ones are sagging and out-of-date. I’ll revitalize them so they won’t be embarrassed to go out in public anymore. Scar-free. Includes:
• In-depth study of your business
• Customized questionnaire
• Fresh, engaging copy for the materials of your choice

Priced per package.

Your Go-To Business Copywriter.

Working with a different writer for each marketing piece has left you frustrated and behind schedule as each new writer has to learn your business from scratch.

As your Go-To Business Copywriter, I’ll fully immerse myself in your business at the beginning of our relationship. After an in-depth study of all your materials, I’m fluent in your company’s industry, branding, sales points, services, products and target audience. With all this knowledge under my belt, powerful, on-message copy will be delivered efficiently every time because I already speak your language.

Our agreement includes:
• In-depth study of your business
• Customized questionnaires
• Priority attention
• Priority turnarounds
• Guaranteed availability when you need me
• Dependable, on-going working relationship
• Fresh, engaging copy for all your marketing materials

Keep A Writer Handy:

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